Finding the right location is just as important as finding the right home, and no one knows the local area better than a local agent. Allow me to help you find the perfect neighborhood for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Teresa Henderson approaches her work as a Realtor as she does every other aspect of her life – she lives and breathes the Golden Rule. Not only is she outgoing, empathetic, and someone who meets people easily, she has a talent for identifying with what others are feeling and seeing the world from her client’s perspective.

Efficient and reliable, Teresa has excellent interpersonal communication skills and is undeniably optimistic. She subscribes to the belief that kindness, commitment and hard work go a long way toward achieving the desired result and that there is always a way to a successful conclusion.

A self-starter and former administrative professional skilled at meeting challenges and deadlines, Teresa has a well-developed ability to handle confidential information. She is also a team player who is attentive to detail, very well organized, and adept at prioritizing and completing tasks.

A woman of deep religious faith, she volunteers with and supports a number of faith-based organizations, including the Power Team, KSBJ Christian Radio, and Community of Faith (COF). She is also a member of National Association of Professional Women.

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